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Emmanuel Lutheran Church
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“Give, and it shall be given unto you.” –Luke 6:38


When we Give from our hearts we are blessed for the Giving. That is why we hope that you will join us in giving back some of the blessings God has given you. Gifts of your Treasure, Talent, and Time will help Emmanuel to be able to continue doing Christ’s work here in our church and in our MidTown neighborhood.


Emmanuel welcomes any amount of money that you can afford to give. The usual way that people give to the church is through a method called tithing. A tithe is an amount of money, usually 1/10th of your income, given to the church. Although ten percent is regarded as the standard amount, you may give more or less as you are able. You may tithe a specific amount of money, or a percentage of your income.

There are several ways to give to Emmanuel:

  • Your tithe can come out of your bank account automatically on a regular schedule you that determine and control. Go to the Giving page one website and follow the link to the Online Pledge Card, fill it outFill out the Online Pledge Card, send it, and someone will call you back to ask for the details
  • You can have an amount charged to your credit card. Go to the Giving page one website and find the “Donate“ button above the list of credit card images.Clicking on the “Donate“ button below will transfer you to a secure website where you can enter your credit card number safely:

  • You can put money in the collection basket each Sunday.
  • You can give through an endowment specified in your estate planning documents.
  • You can do any combination of the above.

Talent and Time

Although it's essential that members give of their Treasure, Emmanuel also functions because of the talent and time they give. Here's a brief list of some of the things you can do:

  • Do you enjoy working with children? The Nursery and Sunday School can always use more help.
  • Do you enjoy working with tweens and teens? Maybe you would like to help lead the Youth Ministry kids as they clean up the Kishwaukee, or help out on a retreat, or camping trip.
  • Do you like to sing, play an instrument, dance; or do you write or read inspirational poetry? You may want to sing in the Emmanuel Choir, be in the Earthen Vessles, dance with the Sacred Spiral Dancers, or do poetry readings as part of the Worship Service.
  • Would you like to help with one of our many Outreach programs? You could volunteer to help out at the Food Pantry , or with the Soup Kitchen.
  • Do you like to garden? The Labyrinth Garden could use some looking after: pulling weeds, planting annuals, painting the benches and arbors, or even just tidying up the surrounding grounds.
  • Are you a person who gives good councel when someone is in transition? Then you may want to volunteer with Caring Connections, or the Prayer Requests.
  • There are many committees looking for good volunteers or members.

If you are still not sure what the best way is for you to share your time and talent, please visit ELCA's Online Assessment Tools (tinyurl.com/elca-assessment-tools).